Focus on InquiryFocus on Inquiry. Alberta Education. 2004
Focus on Inquiry (condensed overview)
Using Focus on Inquiry: A student conversation
Getting_Started_With_Student_InquiryGetting Started with Student Inquiry. Ontario
Guided_Inquiry_Design_coverGuided Inquiry Design: A Framework for Inquiry (Available in the school library)
Guided Inquiry Design Overview.
Guided Inquiry Design Website
Points-of-InquiryBCTLA Points of Inquiry
Inquiry_Circles_2015ed150x150Comprehension & Collaboration
Web resources
"11 Ways to Find Time for Inquiry"
RIght-Question-InstituteThe Right Question Institute based on the book Make Just One Change
Galileo_Discipline-Based-Inquiry-Poster150x150Focus on Inquiry. Galileo Network, Alberta
What is inquiry?
What does the research say?
Rubric for Displine-Based and Interdisciplinary Inquiry
Research_Success2010150x150 Research Success: A Guide for Secondary Students.
Check out other student guides to research tools here.
Guided Inquiry FrameworkInquiry Learning Guides
  • Invitation to inquiry
  • Open minds
  • Stimulate curiosity
  • Inquiry Unit Timelines
  • (1 week)
  • (2 weeks)
  • Portfolio Template
  • Portfolio Checklist
  • Build background knowledge
  • Connect to content
  • Discover interesting ideas
  • Genius Hour Timelines
  • Portfolio Template
  • Portfolio Checklist
  • Explore interesting ideas
  • Look around
  • Dip in
  • Long Term Inquiry Project/Course Timelines
  • Portfolio Template
  • Portfolio Checklist
  • Pause and ponder
  • Identify inquiry question
  • Decide direction
  • Assessment
  • Self-Assessment
  • Assessment Rubric
  • Gather and process important information
  • Make connections and inferences
  • Review and revise the plan for inquiry
  • Go broad
  • Go deep
  • Practice ethical use of information
  • Track and cite your sources
  • Reflect on learning
  • Go beyond facts to make meaning
  • Create to communicate
  • Learn from each other
  • Share learning
  • Tell your story
  • Evaluate achievement of learning goals
  • Reflect on content
  • Reflect on the process