Revolutions Comparison Project

All of the information sources listed below are directly accessible at Spectrum.  If you’re working outside of the school, click here for login information.

You can access the notetaking template here — Revolutions Template 11 by 17.

World Book Online -- A great place to begin your research, World Book provides you with an overview on your topic.The Canadian Encyclopedia is an excellent information source for topics related to Canadian history.
Search our school's extensive collection of print material.Search for authoritative information sources with Global Issues in Context
EBSCO's database has an extensive history collectionSearch the BBC's digital collection
Visit the Imperial War Museum's website

You can use a QR Code Generator to produce a code for your display board.  Copy and paste your QR code into a Microsoft Word document to print.  Also, visit the Daring Librarian’s page for some more great ideas involving QR codes, including a link to Code Monkey, which offers some additional design features!