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We would like to congratulate the winners of the “Great Spectrum...
Jun 26, 2019

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October is Library Month


All set for @spectrumthunder Student Vote, tomorrow and Thursday in the library. Thank you to @CIVIX_Canada for learning resources and @specart for organizing. #studentvotecanada SpectrumLibrary photo

Our Hallowe'en-themed literary trivia contest is coming soon -- afterschool on Tuesday, October 29 in the library. Costumes welcome! SpectrumLibrary photo

Thank you for a great gave each of us something to think about.
SpectrumLibrary photo
Vic High @vichighsd61
We were pleased to host author @briantfrancis today at Vic High as part of the @VicFestoAuthors . Thank you for your honest and engaging discussion about your life, writing, and publishing.

Welcome to Spectrum Library

Welcome to Spectrum Community School’s Library Learning Commons.

Through a diverse collection of print and electronic resources, and collaborative lessons and projects, the goal of the Spectrum Library Learning Commons is to assist with the development of students’ information, technology, and media literacy skills.